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Get To Know Our Leadership

A Little About Us

Whether leading on a rooftop in the outskirts of a poverty-stricken city in India, in an American church on Sunday morning,
or in the comforts of their own home with just them and their 3 beautiful daughters, Kyle and Nina Kitchens are committed to
cultivating a lifestyle of Spirit-filled worship through song and the Word. An atmosphere where God is first and the Holy Spirit is welcome to move
in any way He desires. Kyle and Nina believe worshipping God is not just singing a few songs or preaching a few words, it is being dedicated to studying the Word, praying, fasting, helping those in need, and spreading the Gospel. From this, an overflow of authentic worship is nurtured and Kyle and Nina believe this manifests in a beautiful aroma pleasing to the Lord. 

10 years ago the Lord began to plant seeds in the lives of Kyle and Nina and the vision of a church resembling the first century church began to take shape. It wasn't until 2021, however, that the Lord opened the door for this is begin.  Kyle and Nina stepped out in faith, planting a church with the help of dedicated brothers and sisters in Christ and have been worshipping in buildings, in homes, outdoors, and wherever the Lord tells them to.  They believe it is vital to get in the community to help the hurting, needy, and lost and to share that there is a God who loves them, so much so he sent His Son to die for them (Romans 5:8). God is raising up a remnant of worshippers who are UNASHAMED of the GOSPEL and who are ready to do whatever the Lord asks. Kyle and Nina pray daily for the Lord to send like-minded individuals ready to help cultivate this vision, piercing the darkness and shining the light of Jesus in the hearts of man.

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