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A Generation Hungry For His Anointing

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

There is a line in the American church. Well, there are many lines but the line I am talking about is one that I believe has helped the church slowly fade into being luke-warm. It's a fine line that is often stumbled over or blatantly trampled. This line is a balancing act... How do we as the American church balance being true followers of Christ and relevant with being too relevant and worldly? How do we allow our worship to be authentic and yet able to reach the world? How much should our worship set look like a rock concert? Do we stop at flashing lights? Fog machines? Swinging wrecking balls? God has been dealing with me over this issue for many years but it wasn't until the church I attended and co-led worship at closed it's doors, that I had the fortitude to step out in faith again and trust God completely.

So what do we do? How do we solve this issue? Well for me the solution is simple. We get rid of the line...this line was created by us and it can be removed by us. We do not need to be relevant. We do not bring the world into our church by being more like the world. We do not need expensive programs, flashing lights, and/or wacky waving inflatables (aka tube guy). We are not a used car lot (even though we act like it sometimes). The only thing we truly need is God. Without Him we are nothing. Without His truth all we have is a lie. We must be set apart, seekers of Holiness. 2 Corinthians 6:17 tells us that we must come out from among unbelievers and separate ourselves, touching no unclean thing. Then and only then does the Lord say He will receive us. We must be seeking him with our whole hearts, loving Him fervently, obeying His Word, sharing the Gospel, and making disciples. This is the line that must be walked.

The more I see the American church preach a watered-down version of the gospel and turn Jesus' blood into Kool-Aid, the more I see a generation of people rising up who are desperate for the true Gospel. People who do not fit in the "cookie-cutter" American church mold nor want to walk these worldly lines. I am confident God is raising up a generation hungry for Him and for His anointing. People ready to sacrifice whatever it takes to draw near to Him. Salvation is free, yes, but His anointing will cost. We must be willing to have sleepless nights, to help the orphaned, widowed, and the imprisoned. We must be willing to give up anything that comes before God, all our American idols. The only lines that need to be walked are the one's given to us by our God and King. I can guarantee the Gospel is absolutely enough. What Jesus accomplished on the cross does not need to be spruced up, it carries the weight of the world all on its own.

One thing I know for sure, God's word never returns void and when he raises up this generation hungry for Him and His anointing I pray that my family and I will be among them. I hope that is your prayer too.


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